Monday, September 13, 2004


More Forged Documents?

Though the letter from Steve Nash of the UDT/SEAL Authentication Team gives much later dates for Kerry's naval service discharge, the Kerry site does provide a PDF of an honorable discharge granted to Kerry on 18 February 1972. What's curious about this document, however, is that it shows a 1972 discharge on what looks like a form that was not available until 1977!

If you go to the records posted at and look at the document titled "Honorable Discharge From Reserve," you will see the discharge date as 18 February 1972. But if you look at the bottom, the form is "NAVPERS 1926/7 (Rev. 3-77)" which I take to mean Navy Personal Form 1926/7, Revised March 1977, or more than 5 years after the discharge date shown?

Is this another forgery? Is what Steve Nash is saying about the discharge dates in his email correct?

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