Monday, September 13, 2004


Unreal! Still More Forgery?

Kerry reportedly received three silver star citations for the same action. They were signed by Zumwalt, Hyland, and Lehman. PDF's of the second and third versions, those that omit his shooting a fleeing VC in the back, can be found at

The second one is particularly interesting because like the 1972 Air National Guard "memos" shown on 60 minutes, it looks like it was produced by software rather than a typewriter. It is proportionally spaced and kerned. In particular, look at words containing the letter "f" such as "Officer" and "fifty" and see where their heads and tails fall in relationship to the adjacent letters.

Since Admiral John J. Hyland, no longer served as Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet after December 5, 1970, how is it possible that the Navy had equipment that could create this "official document" before that date when the Air National Guard did not have it available to them until 1972, at least according to Dan Rather.

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